VP BLADE Ti Included In The Most Amazing Bike Design Project Ever

industry-ti-cycles-solid-bike-product-sequence-6 When we first introduced the Blade Ti pedal it was obviously something special.  A truly handmade work of art. Our friends at Ti Cycles in Portland Oregon certainly thought so,  and we began a partnership to supply their unique titanium creations with our own.


Ti Cycles‘ craftmanship is legendary,  and when Oregon Manifest conceived the Bike Design Project to create urban bikes based on fresh ideas it was natural to tap Ti Cycles as a collaborator.  The Bike Design Project is a design and build competition challenging five teams representing five cycling-centric cities to rethink the bicyle and recreate it for their environments. Representing the wonderful city of Portland, Ti Cycles was paired with top level design firm Industry to provide the concept for a bike that Ti Cycles would produce.



The result: Solid PDX. A modern Titanium masterpiece assembled from 3d printed parts with integrated GPS, LED lighting, belt drive, internal gearing,  integrated bar/stem combo,  and of course a beautiful set of pedals that compliment the striking frame.  What impresses us the most is the use of cutting edge production techniques to render this practical urban Superbike.

To see all the entries and vote for the winner,  go to oregonmanifest.com/vote.

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