Nicholi Rogatkin | Freeride | Boston USA
  • Nicholi Rogatkin Survives Biggest Crash in Rampage History and Doesn’t Quit

    Nicholi survives a 30 foot fall off of a cliff unscathed, dusts himself off, checks his bike, and continues to hit the massive 70 canyon gap… He is a textbook example of toughness and never giving up… this run will no doubt make him a RedBull Rampage legend. Sam Reynolds also stomped this huge 70′ superman to take the Best Trick prize!

  • Nicholi Rogatkin trains for Rampage

    VP Rider Nicholi Rogatkin gets in valuable time on Virgin, UT dirt ahead of his bid to become the RedBull Rampage champ… if he cork 7’s or cashrolls the big bike on this terrain he just might do it!

  • Nicholi Rogatkin is the Vienna Air King on VP-Harriers!

    Nicholi Rogatkin was dialed for this year’s Vienna Air King! Not only did he take the title in the finals, he stomped a huge 720 to take the Best Trick too…