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  • VP Push Compact

    VP Push Compact

    The VP Push Compact is designed especially for little shredders.  This pedal has a compact sized body that fits smaller feet perfectly.  If you are looking for a PRO level of quality for your junior sized ride, this is it.  Great for Novice Class BMX Racers and Park Groms alike.  The Push Compact rolls on the same tried and true Forged, Heat Treated and CNC Machined Cromoly Axles as our mega-durable MTB pedals.  We also use the same LSL and […]

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  • VP-747 Bear Trap Pedal

    VP-747 Bear Trap Pedal

    The VP-747 offers authentic Old School BMX styling, a lot of grip and stability and a full range of colors to fit both 9/16″ and 1/2″ cranks. This pedal has been around a while and it’s built to last and looks great. Extra wide platform with aggressive “no slip” teeth keeps your foot exactly where you want it in all weather conditions.  It’s the ideal replacement pedal for beach cruisers, pub crawlers, commuters and of course Old School BMX rigs […]

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    The VP-VEX LB is a sturdy, large platform pedal. Its features a dual concave design with replaceable steel pins for added grip. The VP-VEX LB is ideal for MTB, freeride, BMX, and urban riders that want an economical hard hitting pedal built to provide a sturdy platform for any style of riding. Die-cast aluminum body Boron Steel Axle Ball bearings 105 x102 x20 mm platform 385 grams per pair Replaceable steel traction pins Reflector optional  

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  • VP-R62


    Dual Function Platform Pedal which features a SPD-style mechanism on one side and a concave platform on the other so you can use cycling shoes or street shoes.  The clip in side has adjustable tension for entry and release, while the platform side is sufficiently wide and uses 4 traction pins to provide additional grip and security.  Clip in for longer rides or hop on for a quick errand, the VP-R62 is an excellent choice for commuting or touring. Aluminum […]

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    The VP VOLT or VP-530 features a thin profile, durable Aluminum body, and oversize inboard bearings to create the most durable economic set of pedals you can find anywhere. Cast aluminum body Low profile Ball bearings with oversize inboard bearings Weight: 387g/pr 110 x 104 x 26mm  

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  • VP Crystal

    VP Crystal

    A tough translucent polycarbonate body with sparkling facets and in-molded silver reflectors make VP Crystal (VP-578) the choice for anyone looking to add a little bling to their ride. Polycarbonate body Ball bearings Weight: 420g/pr 110mm x 100mm 4 colors: Clear, Red, Light Blue, Blue Violet Available in 9/16″

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  • VP-990A


    One piece plastic body Aluminum cage Boron steel axle Loose ball bearing 102 x 63mm 300 g/pr

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  • VP-349A


    VP-349A  can be used on most bikes. It has a broad base, ridged edges to prevent your shoe from slipping  and can accommodate pedal straps. Polished aluminum body Aluminum cage Boron steel axle Loose ball bearings 107 x 75mm 369 g/pr  

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  • VP-896


    The VP-896 is an all -purpose pedal that has been reinforced for strength and rigidity. One piece polypropylene  body  Boron steel axle Loose ball bearings 112 x 78 mm platform 335 grams per pair Reflector included

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