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  • Pedal Rebuild Kit

    Pedal Rebuild Kit

    Your sealed bearing pedals can be rebuilt after you’ve spent the season hammering them. Our rebuild kits are model specific and include everything you need to replace the bearing system to get them turning smoothly like new. Includes bearings and seals Includes axle nuts and dust caps

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  • Traction Pins

    Traction Pins

    Replacement pin kits are an easy way to make your pedals ride like new again. Each kit gives you what you need to replace every pin in one set of pedals Kits are model specific and matched to the original colors your pedals came with All colors are not available in all markets

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  • Forged Titanium Axle Upgrade

    Forged Titanium Axle Upgrade

    Upgrade to Forged Titanium axles for the VP-69 and VP VICE.  The only Forged Ti axle upgrades available are stronger than the forged cro-moly steel axles they replace and reduce the weight of a pair of pedals by 70 grams. Most Ti Axles are machined from stock to save costs, however the end result is not as strong.  We go the extra step and forge our Ti axles so that you can enjoy the higher strength and lighter weight compared to […]

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